Who takes google street pictures?

Answer They have a van, and a bicycle for rural road, with a 360 degree HD camera traveling around the world.

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Who takes the pictures for Google Street View?

Google employs its own vehicles and staff to take the Street View pictures that you see while using Google Maps or Google Earth. Cameras are installed on top of vehicles to achieve a 360-degree vie... Read More »

How does Google get street view pictures?

Google Street View allows you to travel all over the world, seeing block-to-block photographs of your own neighborhood or far-off places, all from your computer screen. But just how does Google get... Read More »

How did google earth get pictures of my street and house did they?

How does google take pictures for the street view?

One of Google's latest inventions is its StreetView map, which gives people closeup images of the location they choose. To get these images, Google outfits vehicles with special camera technology.I... Read More »