Who supplies insulin pumps?

Answer Insulin pumps deliver insulin to a diabetic via a tubing and cannula. The cannula is attached to the diabetic's skin. Insulin is automatically delivered throughout the day. When the diabetic eats a... Read More »

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Insulin Pumps?

The pump is great for almost everyone, but is a personal decision. My son loves his and would NEVER go back to injections. It allows more freedom and is much more accurate. You don't have to round ... Read More »

Question about insulin pumps?

our soft middle area spreads all the way to the backbone if that is what you are asking. but I don't think it would be effective to insert the set into ANY scar tissue. for one thing this is a toug... Read More »

Does anyone use or know much about Omnipod insulin pumps?

I personally don't use a pump. My doctor wants me to, but I don't plan on using one in the immediate future.Although, I got to chat with my cousin's friend (who is also a type 1 diabetic) recently.... Read More »

Insulin Pumps and Emergencies?

Well.... taking the entire scene into perspective..Why did the hypothetical patient call EMS in the first place?If its on the world of minor issues (sprained knee), and the patient is able to m... Read More »