Who was the Commander of the USS Constitution in 1812?

Answer Captain Isaac Hull (March 9, 1773 - February 13, 1843, later Commodore) commanded the USS Constitution before and during the War of 1812 between the U.S. and Great Britain. His total victory over t... Read More »

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Explain the impressment of your navy in 1812?

Which nation had the strongest navy in 1812?

In 1812, Great Britain had the strongest navy. Their navy had been strongest ever since they had defeated the Spanish armada.

My friend started her period when she was ten. But i still havent started mine.?

Do you have any older women relatives you can talk to about it? Or maybe a female teacher or guidance counselor? I will tell you that everyone starts at different times. I know girls who did not st... Read More »

Who were the American civilian and military leaders in the War of 1812?

there were many,but to answer your question the best i can,James Madison was president,george Clinton was vice president,commodore perry was famous for the "battle of lake Erie"and we can not forge... Read More »