Who started the one-drop rule?

Answer The one drop rule became a formal legal consideration with the passing of the 1911 Arkansas bill, Act 320. According to The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture, the act was the first to de... Read More »

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What is a good general rule as to when to drop Comp and Collision on an old auto?

%REPLIES% Answer When insurance for the car, costs more than the car is worth. Answer Well, anonymous is definitely right. If it has reached that point, you probably need to buy a car that's worth... Read More »

What is the difference between the silver rule and the golden rule?

Both the silver and the golden rules were written to serve as basic moral principles. Both are said to have Judeo-Christian roots, however, similar messages permeate many cultures and no one philos... Read More »

Civilian rule is better than Military rule?

Well actually to be a good community you need both because think of segregation. If it were civilian rule black people would still be in separate schools and public places than white people. Milita... Read More »

Why is military rule better than the civilian rule?