Who started the Croc charms idea?

Answer In 2005, Sheri Schmelzer, a stay-at-home mother, invented the charms for Croc shoes, according to CNNMoney. She and her husband, Rich, formed the business, Jibbitz. According to MSNBC, about one ye... Read More »

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How to Put on Croc Charms?

Crocs have become very popular footwear. Further fueling the Croc trend is the ability to personalize Crocs with different charms. These charms are called jibbitz. Jibbitz come in a wide variety of... Read More »

Who started the idea of nature photography?

Some of the first photographers were nature photographers, of necessity. Early cameras used very slow shutter speeds, and were not suitable for making photos of moving objects, so the users tended ... Read More »

I have a good idea for a social networking, is there anyway that I could get it started?

It'll cost around $50/mo to get a good dedicated server for any hope of speed for one of those sites. The Facebook owner had money and years of programming experience.. it's VERY VERY hard to make ... Read More »

I started having SEVERE NECK PAIN today, but I have no idea how... (inside)?

ice it. cold towel will work. no heat. common problem. you are starting growth spurt. try day off. have doctor snap neck. you will soon find your knees having same problem. it is simply put a kink ... Read More »