Who started mineral makeup?

Answer Though no official documents recognize an individual creator of mineral makeup, cosmetics professionals credit the concept to research specialist Diane Ranger. In 1976, the self-proclaimed "mother ... Read More »

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Do you think mineral makeup is any better than regular makeup?

No. It's just a marketing scam to make people think they're wearing makeup good for their skin when in reality there's no such thing as makeup good for your skin. That's the kind of thing you risk ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Using Traditional Makeup Vs. Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup could be called trendy, while traditional makeup has been popular for years. Mineral makeup is based in loose powder, while traditional makeup usually comes in liquid form. How each ... Read More »

How to Buy Mineral Makeup?

Chances are you've seen the infomercials. Companies claim that mineral makeup is all natural, better for your skin than traditional products and contain no preservatives. Hype is prevalent and real... Read More »

Is Mineral Makeup Toxic?

Mineral makeup is a popular type of makeup reputed to give flawless coverage. The product is based in loose powder, an alternative to liquid makeup. Mineral makeup is advertised as all natural, mea... Read More »