Who started kaiser permanente?

Answer Dr. Sidney Garfield started Kaiser Permanente as a prepaid group health plan for workers at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, Calif., during World War II. After the war, the plan was opened to the... Read More »

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Who founded kaiser permanente?

Kaiser Permanente, a comprehensive and integrated healthcare provider based in Oakland, California, was founded by industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and Dr. Sidney R. Garfield in 1945. The basis for th... Read More »

What model is kaiser permanente?

Kaiser Permanente's model is that of a prepaid HMO or health maintenance organization. An HMO is a system that sets guidelines under which doctors can provide medical treatment. The HMO system gene... Read More »

How to Pay Bills Online in Kaiser Permanente?

When you are the administrator of a Kaiser Permanente group health plan, you are responsible for all activity associated with the plan. This includes submitting the monthly payments necessary to ke... Read More »

What is the service area for Kaiser Permanente?

The first Permanente Group was built by Henry Kaiser next to Permanente Creek in Northern California. After becoming more involved in health care, Kaiser’s name was added. As of 2010, Kaiser Perm... Read More »