Who started jump roping?

Answer Skipping, jump roping, rope skipping or skipping rope are all terms used for exercising with a jump rope. This easy, portable, affordable and effective exercise and fun started around 1600 B.C. It ... Read More »

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What Muscles Does Jump Roping Work?

Jump roping works the muscles in the abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs, particularly the calves and thighs. Performed regularly it improves muscular endurance of these muscle groups. I... Read More »

The name of ABDC's jump roping group in season 5?

How much weight can you lose by jump roping 100 times each 5 days a week?

Exactly 4 lbs. All other answers were entirely made up.

How Is the Average Calculated in Team Roping?

Team roping is a popular rodeo sport where two cowboys on horseback rope the front and hind ends of a steer and stretch him between their horses to subdue the animal. This sport evolved from the pr... Read More »