Who started Sirius satellite radio?

Answer Robert Briskman, an ex-NASA engineer, began the satellite radio company in 1990 as Satellite CD Radio in Washington, D.C. The company was renamed Sirius Satellite Radio in 1999 and moved to a Manh... Read More »

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Can you receive XM Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio systems?

XM and Sirius were once competitors in the satellite radio market, but they recently joined forces. Now, if you have a Sirius Satellite Radio system, you can get a selection of the most popular XM ... Read More »

Does anyone have sirius satellite radio?

You should have inquired before they renewed. They should not have renewed anything without your approval. You have been ripped off, royally. You can cancel at anytime, that is your perogative and ... Read More »

Who is the CEO of Sirius satellite radio?

As of April 2010, Mel Karmazin is the chief executive officer of Sirius XM Radio. Karmazin joined Sirius in November 2004. In 2008, he earned total compensation exceeding $28 million. Sirius XM rad... Read More »

What is SIRIUS Satellite Radio?

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is a premium radio service that offers more than 130 channels with no commercials. People who subscribe to SIRIUS have more control over what they hear than those who listen ... Read More »