How to Play Twister?

Answer Did you ever buy twister , throw it in the attic then one day you said," well we might as well play it!"But now you can't find the instructions? They're easy. Here's how.

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How to Use a Wire Twister?

A wire twister is a versatile tool used for consistency and ease of installing safety wiring, or lock wiring. Wire twisters are also called safety wire pliers. Safety wire, which comes in a variety... Read More »

How to Say a Tongue Twister?

"The sixth sick shiek's sixth sheep's sick." According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the hardest tongue twister to say in the world. But, with that said, it's not impossible to say... Read More »

How to Make a Hair Twister?

Wire hair twisters (a.k.a. ponytail wraps) go wonderfully with very long hair, and are easy to make. These steps will show you how to make your own, or make one for a friend!

How to Use a Safety Wire Twister?

A safety wire twister, or safety wire pliers, is a tool used to rapidly and consistently twist and secure safety wire. Used in aviation and racing, safety wire secures fasteners to prevent them fro... Read More »