My brother smokes cigarette,smokes week,does yaba,heroin!!!!! Help!!!!?

Answer Disregard cigarettes and weed. Those can help with coming off of H (no matter what the rehab bitches say). I think yaba is slang for meth in south africa or something? Get him off the meth first (w... Read More »

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How smokes i don,t?

My boyfriend smokes pot but I am not a fan?

You have a couple of options.1. Accept the fact that he smokes and will continue to do so. If you accept that..and the friends that come along with the package. As well as the money he is spending... Read More »

Why My Car Smokes When I Hit the Gas?

If your car smokes when you accelerate, you have good reason to be concerned. It could be the sign of something minor that will only require an adjustment, but it can mean something is seriously wr... Read More »

My boyfriend smokes weed...?

well how old is he? if you guys are still young it's something that he very possibly will grow out of. but keep in mind, if you're a teenager it really doesn't matter. it's very rare for relationsh... Read More »