What does it mean your vain is pulsating a lot?

Answer Probably high blood pressure, or stress....I've had that happen to me.

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Am i vain or shallow?

If you call that shallow then I must be the lowest of the low. I want to look perfect every time I go out most of the time. Don't worry, you're fine (: !

What does a vain effort mean?

The idiom "in vain" can mean “to no avail; without success” although some definitions of vain include the words worthless, idle and empty. When people say an effort was made in vain they mean t... Read More »

Think I Cut My Vain On Foot (pain)?

no it is not true that if you hit a vein it won't stop bleeding. just apply direct pressure to make the bleeding stop. clean the cut with warm soapy water, gently pat dry, apply Neosporin and a cle... Read More »

How to Cope With a Vain Boyfriend?

Does your boyfriend stop in front of every reflective surface and check his hair? Does he hog every mirror he sees, and even ask to borrow your compact mirror? If you are fed up, find out how to st... Read More »