Who sings"nothing going to break my stride"?

Answer The artist who sings the song "Break My Stride" is Matthew Wilder. The song contains lyrics that include "Ain't nothing gonna break my stride." The song reached number five on the singles charts in... Read More »

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Is there a countryside code leave nothing but footprints take nothing but photographs who said this?

SLOGAN FOR CONSERVATION OF HILLS AND FORESTSYes, I had seen a hoarding having this slogan/code at Nilgiris Range of hills saying that:"LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS TAKE NOTHING BUT MEMORIES"I was ... Read More »

Vista aint so bad?

I personally love it. I know some people at work and school that bash it .... but yet have NEVER even used it. How can you form an opinion on something if you never had any experience with it? I ju... Read More »

How can i breack my arm and i aint got problems xx?

Aint it annoying when Youtube deletes your account?

Ah that's never happened to me before, but if it did that would definitely suck.Edit- Wow that would suck ? Even if you took songs you shouldn't have (Even though you didn't know it was bad) They s... Read More »