Will i burn myself if i touch the inside of the oven when its on HELP?

Answer Well, you are apparently supposed to be a certain minimum age to even be on this site, so I will treat you as such.Yep, go ahead and stick your hand inside the oven when it is well and truly heated... Read More »

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Why is it that whenever I try to get in touch with myself I always get the answering machine?

u already luky to know yourself phone number, so u can leave a message!

Okay bear with me on this I'm 15 and love to touch myself I do it at least once a day and recently haveantrbut?

How to Change the Sound That It Makes when You Touch the Screen on Your Voyager Touch?

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I get strange chills when people touch certain fabric, and I can't touch those fabrics...?

I can't touch anything after washing my hands unless I put lotion on my hands.Until I get lotion on my hands I clench my fists so I don't accidentally touch fabric makes my skin crawl.Everyon... Read More »