I have a 2006 kia speatra and I like a radio that connect with on-star what kind of radio i could get.?

Answer Kias do not have Onstar.

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RTV )d)REGS: Has twitter killed the RTV star ....?

lmao fcuk RTV - this section is at its best when there's a war raging in it....

Star this if u think its funny....i thought it was killed me!?

Did Tony Danza star in -Lifetime TV movie drama that His character- killed his daughter because he was abused as a child and had a split personality?

Yes. It is called Deadly Whispers. It was a made for TV movie by Lifetime in 1995.

Who sings"swinging on a star"?

Bing Crosby recorded the classic song "Swinging on a Star" for the 1944 film "Going My Way." The tune won the 1944 Academy Award for Best Original Song. Crosby won the Best Actor Award, with the fi... Read More »