Who sings the superhero title song in the Disney movie"Zoom"?

Answer Steve Harwell, the singer for the rock band Smash Mouth, sings the song "Everyday Superhero" in the 2006 Disney movie "Zoom." Smash Mouth also performed several other songs for the movie.Source:Int... Read More »

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What is the title or who sings the song used in the direct tv commercials?

The following explaination is all well and good, but the main reason that you can't use a single LNB by itself and connect two receivers together to it is because the LNB switches between either th... Read More »

Favourite song with Mr, Mrs, Master, Dr. or any other title in the title?

Lots of good songs here! A few more to add:Dear Mr Fantasy…...Traffic Ms Amanda Jones…Dancing with Mr D htt... Read More »

R&P: What's your favorite song that has a title that matches a lyric in the song?

let's face it, y/a is a disorganised joke when it comes to 'guidelines' and 'reporting'.if they're going to be strict about it, every other q asked in this section should be deleted, but then who w... Read More »

If you could sum up your school years using a song or song title , what would it be?

Hmm, for some of you guys, wait till you have to slave away for a living..Styx - "The Best Of Times"…