What was the song that played on the credits of last night's American Idol auditions 01-30-08 It had something to do about a wonderful world?

Answer Hello Kitty is not a "who" but a "what". It is a name brand for a clothing line, jewerly line and toys.

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What Song Would You Dedicate To A Wonderful User, Who Has Been With Us One Year Today?

Oh you guys this is so awesome *blushes* Karl was the first friend I made here and being around and some of you have seen me at my worst (and at my best too) so I just wanted to thank you all the b... Read More »

Where can you get information on the children's TV show 'The Wonderful World of Horses'?

Search on YOUTUBE.COM its amazing just search old childrens shows they also have lots of old commercials for instance the very first McDonalds commercial. You can find anything on

When will be the blu ray release of Ben Hur also Wonderful World Of the Brothers Grimm and Cleopatra?

My wonderful Sudanese friend gave me a wonderful tasting spice... the bag says Mit Mit... what the hell is it?

Really didn't find much on it but I have used it before.Dry chilies in the sun or moderate oven until crisp and then pound lightly.Heat Cloves, salt and cardamom seperately. Mix with the chili mixu... Read More »