Watermelon Crawl Line Dance Instructions?

Answer In 1994 the song, "The Watermelon Crawl," was released by Tracy Lawrence as a part of his album that was entitled, "No Ordinary Man." The song soon gained a line dance that was performed on many co... Read More »

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Who sings the song on the BBC tv licensing advert and who sings it?

Who sings this song...i think its called im an american( funny song)?

Is it true that if I swallow a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow in my stomach?

LoL question.In Soviet Russia, watermelon grows you!

Does seedless watermelon taste different from regular watermelon?

AnswerI don't think so, no. √ā¬†AnswerSince seedless watermelons are highly hybridised I prefer the taste of the older varieties that preceded the need to breed for transportation purposes and other ... Read More »