Your so vein, you probably think this song is about you dont you, dont you!?

Answer It's about time you wrote me a song.

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Do you think that people, primarily women, answer here and dont think about the repurcussions of their words?

Well, i wasn't going to answer even tho it is a great question but i think i will try anyhow. :) Yes, people have been unnecessarily rude to me BUT i have also been unnecessarily rude back. (not ne... Read More »

I dont think you understand what im asking about the scanner on my walgreens?

It sounds like you're asking something that Walgreens should answer. If a phone conversation doesn't work then maybe go in person and get them to fix the problem.

Hey dont u think some1 should ask a question about instant messanger problems?

yeah- I think we should all ask and then go answer each others questions and cash in on the points because of the lack of info we have gotten about it from yahoo

Do you think it's a good idea to buy a smartphone from Carrefour(it's a huge market if you dont know about it)?