Are you happy or do you worry on reading this news ?

Answer Happy and worried both...Of course happy, because the lives of infants are more expensive than anything else. If good medical services in India are saving it, I am extremely happy about that. Worri... Read More »

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Computer monitor and keyboard question I will choose best answer dont worry?

You can plug an external monitor to your laptop. Look for a socket on the laptop that has 15 (female or male ) pins, this is the external monitor port. Use the correct cable to join the laptop and ... Read More »

Who sings worry in travel insurance commercial?

I have my contents covered on my home owners policy.

Should i be happy that i dont have cancer?

Yes, you should be happy you don't have cancer. You are going to be with your girlfriend for a very long time.

What kids tv show sang the song that had the words Singing a happy song in it?