R&P: What's your favorite song that has a title that matches a lyric in the song?

Answer let's face it, y/a is a disorganised joke when it comes to 'guidelines' and 'reporting'.if they're going to be strict about it, every other q asked in this section should be deleted, but then who w... Read More »

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Which cartoon is this part of the lyric for You can rock it you can roll it?

Doesn't belong. Children are watching the cartoons and this exposes them to things that they do not need to be exposed to.

R&P: What's a song lyric that deserves to be on a T-Shirt?

"The truth is an offenseBut not a sin"Bob Marley from Jah Live.BQ1: Never.BQ2: "What Would Buddha Do?"BQ3: Sorry, not a clue.

How to Use Song Lyrics to Teach Lyric Poems?

Song lyrics are in essence lyrical poems set to music. Thus, having students take a closer look at the lyrics to some of their favorite songs can help you teach students about lyric poetry. Student... Read More »

What is your favorite line/lyric/quote from a song?

Guess it's a tie... Cat Stevenstitle: Longer Boats"I don't want no god on my lawn Just a flower I can help along 'Cause the soul of nobody knows how a flower grows... Oh, how a flower grows." Micha... Read More »