Girl Dies on wikipedia story?

Answer You're thinking of "Tess of the d'Urbervilles." Wikipedia doesn't have any articles about German girls with pictures, or else it might be "Greta and the Random Future-Predicting Wikipedia Page," by... Read More »

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Has anybody ever heard of a scary story about a girl and wikipedia?

Wikipedia is not a crystal ball or something.

The girl under the spirit's robe in A Christmas Story?

In Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', the children under the spirit's robe are Ignorance and Want. Ignorace is the boy and Want is the girl.The spirit warns Scrooge to beware them both, but espe... Read More »

Who sings'I'm a Barbie Girl'?

The Danish-Norwegian pop group Aqua sang the song "Barbie Girl" in the late 1990s. This song was what rocketed the band into popularity, selling more than a million of copies in the United Kingdom,... Read More »

Who sings Beautiful Girl?

A variety of artists have sung a song titled "Beautiful Girl." Among the performers are Bing Crosby, George Harrison, Sean Kingston, INXS, Taking Back Sunday, Michael Jackson and Van Halen.Source:I... Read More »