Should i just wait a little longer?

Answer I should wait an hour

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Hi I just smashed my toe (next to the little one) and it seems to be bleeding internally but I just?

If it's not smashed to the point where you should see a doctor, it sounds like you did about all you can do. If the bleeding is under the toe nail, it's going to be really, really sore and probabl... Read More »

I was just wonderin'...Why can't the US government make the tax return process just a little more complicated?

Good point, The Nolte. And besides, if the tax code was made more complicated, it would stimulate teh economy. Just imagine how many more accountants would need to be hired, all without the gover... Read More »

How do I get my make up to stay on longer?

Well depending on if it just fades or sweats off you can do different things.If water or sweat causes it to come off use waterproof makeup....BUT if it just fades use primers like foundation primer... Read More »

How do I get my hot water to stay hot longer?

I'm guessing you used to live in a apartment and now you moved into a house?A lot of house heaters only hold so many gallons of hot water, so you might have to upgrade your water heater.Do keep in ... Read More »