What country's flag is made up of the Union Jack& Southern Cross?

Answer The Australian flag is made up of the Union Jack and Southern Cross. The Union Jack represents Australia's history as a colony of the British Empire and the Southern Cross represents the constellat... Read More »

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Who sings the theme song for John Edward Cross Country?

Cindy Campo is the artist who sings the theme song for WeTV's television show "John Edward Cross Country." The show features world-famous psychic John Edward as he travels across the country helpin... Read More »

Who's at fault in a three car accident when the first car stops to let pedistrians cross in the middle of the street and not at the cross walk They were jay walking?

Answer Not the first car that stopped. It is legal to stop a car on the street. Sounds like you and the guy behind you. Sorry. Answer pedistrians always have the right of way Answer pedistrians ... Read More »

How Does a Cross Dresser Choose When to Cross Dress?

Grasses that are planted in areas that need erosion control need to be hardy varieties of grass. They need to be able to survive in both drought and flood conditions and will grow best with relativ... Read More »

Southern Rock Song...Lyin' Eyes by The Eagles...What is your favorite southern rock song and band or artist?

Sweet home Alabama, Gimme 3 steps/SkynyrdQueen of Hearts/Gregg AllmanJealous again/Black CrowsKeep on Smiling/Wet WillieSouths gonna do it again/CDB