What 1980's game show did the host say Going once going twice sold Or Going once going twice no sale?

Answer Yes

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My laptop PC is crashing maybe once or twice a day.?

Use MSCONFIG utility to disable the autoruns and use the Reliability Monitor tool to check for bad programs.Send me an email if you need further remote assistance.

Does brushing twice a day and flossing once a day guarantee you no cavities?

Why pay $30 dollars for a Blu-ray movie you will only watch once or twice?

Your question assumes that every blu ray is 30 bucks. I have a bunch of them, and they cost me 10 bucks, they are common at wal mart and Target. I would never pay 30 bucks. How many people have you... Read More »

In the hazard perception part of the test, do i only click once in each video and twice in one of them?

Hi,I am an ex driving instructor so I can help you. First of all, you will almost definitely have to click more than once in each clip. As you say you need to click when you see a 'developing' ha... Read More »