They dont call it cheap for nothin!?

Answer I ALWAYS BUY THE GOOD STUFF....BUT my husband thinks a deal is a deal.....he is left using the cheap stuff til it runs out!!!.....that mess is like water...pretending to be lotion!lol

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Im not a drugy or nothin but i need to sleep an all i can find is cyclobenzaprine 10mg will this work?

Same here, Im in no way near like a junkie, but cyclobenzaprine will knock you out so bad its unbelievagble.I took four one time because its a very small dosage, it was prescribed to me and even my... Read More »

How to Cut a Skull Into a Tshirt?

T-shirts are a staple in many peoples' wardrobes because they're so comfortable and versatile. They can be dressed up or down, and with just a few scissor cuts, they can be transformed into somethi... Read More »

Do you own any band tshirt?

When I was young I had a backstreet boys tshirt. :)They were very popular boy band in the 90's.

What's the best way to shrink a tshirt?

Wash it on your hottest water temp and then dry it on your hottest temp. Thats really the only way to go about it.