Just for fun...lets see your little one(s)!?

Answer This is about a month old. I havent uploaded any of the new pictures off my camera. She is 7mo in this picture. This is her first trip to the beach.…B... Read More »

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Where to get lets tap?

i tunes you can click on free apps and you can find tap tap 3

R&P Lets get to know each other better?

Okay Adam, lets get too it...........No, wouldn't mind it thoughNope, don't have anything creative to upload!Hail & Kill by Manowar, classic.Nope :(Classic MetalYupNo, 1 American girl was travellin... Read More »

R&P, lets get to know each other?

NP: Careful With That Axe, Eugene [I've been watching Pompeii for the past few hours!] - Pink FloydI choose to be eaten alive by ravenous squirrels.Excercise? Meh, not really!Drugs? Ehhh, of course... Read More »

Who says Lets get Dangerous?