Who sings hips don't lie?

Answer shakira

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How to Make Your Real Golf Swing Like Your Practice Golf Swing?

So many golfers ask themselves, "Why is my practice swing better than my real swing?" It's all about relaxation.

What Causes Big Hips?

A woman or man who has a healthy waist-to-hip ratio does not need to lose weight. But if a person's waist-to-hip ratio is higher than .85 for females or 1.0 for males, then the individual should co... Read More »

Why do I have indents under my hips?

I think that's a great weight! You sound like a lovely size. I have the same thing. It didn't change when I lost weight. So tbh I wouldn't even bother.

How to Shake Your Hips?

Shaking your hips is in a lot of dances, here's how to do this staple move.