I wanna kiss this girl?

Answer No. Don't just go for it because she will think you are desperate.

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Can I get HIV or anything from this Kiss?

You can't get HIV that way, no. But you can get other things. But probably not even then. The microbial load is not really that much.

If you could kiss any celeberty who would you kiss?

Gene Hackman...because no one else would want to kiss him LOL!

Who sings this: hey hey you you?

GIRLFRIEND by AVRIL LAVIGNEHey! Hey! You! You!I don't like your girlfriend!No way No way!I think you need a new oneHey! Hey! You! You!I could be your girlfriendHey! Hey! You! You!I know that you l... Read More »

Who sings this song.....?

Can you Hum it?Humm you tune and you might find it here: .....or try a lyrics search below.