How to Speak Kindly to Children?

Answer Children need kindness and respect in their world. Children learn respect by being respected. But they also need to learn that the adult world has its rules and expectations. Speaking kindly to chi... Read More »

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How to Kindly Break up With Someone?

Breaking up is rarely ever easy; however, there's one sure-fire way to break-up with someone easily and that's by being honest. Once you've realized that you no longer want to be in a relationship ... Read More »

Kindly suggest a healthy menu for a day .?

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit, Turkey Sausage, Whole Wheat ToastLunch: A Pita Bread Pizza topped with BBQ Sauce, Grilled Chicken and Low Fat MozzarellaDinner: Grilled Salmon, A baked sweet potato and a gr... Read More »

A New DSLR camera Buy. Kindly Guide Me?

The dSLR will produce the same quality of pictures like your old point-and-shoot camera if you don't know the basic principles of photography. Picture quality depends mostly on user skill. The came... Read More »

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Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic has set up a language that is just amazing for what you're thinking would be the best.It's serbocroatian. It is very phonetic. We have 30letters. Each letter is always prono... Read More »