What are some of the 1st signs that your computer has seen better days?

Answer When the label says Commodore 64.

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If you are 4 weeks 4 days pregnant what can be seen on ultrasound if anything?

Answer you might be able to see only a small circle very faint but you might be able to see the sack..

How many days does a female take to release a new egg after she has seen her period?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the release of an egg--ovulation--occurs between cycle days 11 and 21, counting from the first day of the last menstrual period. Ovulation occurs ne... Read More »

Has anyone seen our American friend Molly Smith She's missing in action, those days?

Isn't she the black american girl ohhhh she had the baby by the swiss guy that is why you have not seen her.. I will tell her you miss her ok and I will tell her she needs to put pics up ok

The Free 180 Movie on YouTube has garnered over half a MILLION views in a matter of days. Have you seen it...?

Yes, I have seen it. I was somewhat surprised to find out that so many of our young people seem not to know much about Hitler. Yes, the content did confirm my understanding of the topic since I a... Read More »