Originally hosted by Chuck Woolery what game show was originally called Shopper's Bazaar and even had Arte Johnson serve as the letter turner?

Answer Wheel of Fortune

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Who sings the song on the BBC tv licensing advert and who sings it?

How to Dress Originally?

People who dress according to a particular trend or style are going to get stick from someone- just look on the discuss pages for anything to do with looking Emo/Goth/Grunge/Prep/Gangster if you do... Read More »

Why originally was the cia created?

The CIA was created after WWII and the beginning of the Cold War. It was realized that the US could not afford to not be the beneficiary of good intelligence, for good information is power

Who originally discovered asthma?

Asthma is a very old disease with documentation of its existence as far back as Ancient Egypt. As a medical term, Asthma appears in writings by Hippocrates, a Greek doctor around 450 B.C. The wri... Read More »