Who sings"Forever Yours Faithfully"?

Answer The title of the song is just "Faithfully." According to their official website, the band Journey performs the song, with Steve Perry as the lead singer. "Faithfully" originally appeared on the alb... Read More »

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Marmite. How do you eat yours?

how can you eat that shite!!.. its horrible!! it or hate it.. hate it defo!!

Meant to be yours...?

God gave me a family. I was born into it. This family didn't raise me. People found a different family to raise me.It wasn't meant to be in some divine or fate-based sort of way. Because of hum... Read More »

How to make a recipe yours?

Recipes can't be copyrighted or anything, so once it's out there in the public, anyone can use it. If you want to call it your own, you should probably change at least one thing so it's different ... Read More »

Fried egg-how do you like yours?