Who sings back up in save the hero?

Answer Doctor Who

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Does Guitar Hero for PlayStation 2 need batteries?

Yes, the "Guitar Hero" wireless guitar requires batteries in order to operate properly. Having low or depleted battery energy can result in a signal loss between the guitar and the receiver, causin... Read More »

Do you need a Wii remote for a Guitar Hero World tour microphone?

A Wii remote is required to play Guitar Hero World Tour using the microphone. While you connect the microphone to one of the Nintendo Wii's USB ports on the back of the console, you need the Wii re... Read More »

How many Wii remote controllers do you need for Guitar Hero World Tour?

In order to experience Guitar Hero World Tour for the Nintendo Wii completely, it requires three Wii remote controls. Each guitar or bass and the drum kit require a separate control; only the micro... Read More »

Do you need an upgrade on your xbox360 to play guitar hero world tour?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game "Guitar Hero: World Tour," developed by Neversoft Entertainment and rated "Teen" by the ESRB, does not require an upgrade to your Xbox 360 console to play, as it is ... Read More »