How to Breathe?

Answer If you are reading this, you already know how to breathe. But have you stopped to think about the best way to breathe? Learned breathing techniques, such as deep breathing, have been part of yoga a... Read More »

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How do you get rid of bad breathe?

listerine, gum, brush your teeth and gum, eat a lot and dont get an empty stomache, stop being nervous, floss

How do crabs breathe?

Some crabs breathe water, others breathe air, but all 6,000-plus species of crab breathe through gills, according to Australia's Museum Victoria. In most species, the gills can be found in a specia... Read More »

How do oysters breathe?

Oysters are thought to have been an important food for humans since prehistoric times. Now considered a delicacy, they are largely regarded as an aphrodisiac. Despite having similar organs to us, t... Read More »


get off the puter and call 911for someone that can't breathe you are an excellent typist