How do i plant a grape vine?

Answer PlantPlant your grapevine in a sunny location, in well-draining soil. Plant each grape plant 6 to 8 or more feet apart. Leave room for the grapes to spread. Dig the holes deep and wide enough so th... Read More »

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How do i kill a grape vine?

Cut the VinesCut the vines at eye level using a handsaw or garden shears. Cut the grape vines again at ground level, above the roots, removing even the smallest vines. Dispose of the vines by throw... Read More »

Grape vine for Greenhouse?

Grape vines can be loosely tied to wires supported from the greenhouse roof and light pruning is necessary. But my answer is about something entirely different. The best and most productive vines a... Read More »

Is a grape vine a tree?

No. A grapevine is a woody vine that demands support from a trellis or fence structure. Grapevines must be trimmed periodically to remove dead vines and make room for new vines that will eventually... Read More »

How do I prune a grape vine?

Prune CanesTrim back canes that grow from the vine trunk. Choose four healthy canes and cut back until each has around 15 buds, according to Oregon State University. Prune all other canes back enti... Read More »