Is that Gap ad gone on your looks gone on mine...?

Answer I posted in the forums, and there was another person that posted, he had 135 remarks, what it looks like happened is yahoo doesn't allow audio ads, so they basically apologized and said it would be... Read More »

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Who sings i can see clearly now the rain is gone?

The song "I Can See Clearly Now" was written and recorded by Johnny Nash. It was released in 1972, and made it to number one on the Billboard chart in the United States. The song was rerecorded by ... Read More »

Who sings the song heard on Torchwood a while back with the lyrics 'One of these mornings you'll look up and I will be gone'?

Has Youtube gone too far?

I totally agree- it's breeding a new kind of bullying that we have never seen before. They should be sued.

Why is My SEX drive gone?

hmm... maybe i guessed that you arent ready to have sex until you knowing yourself first if want to have sex or not. there isnt nothing wrong with you , maybe its your body telling you that you a... Read More »