If your 54-inch above-ground pool was buried 2 to 3 feet in ground should you back fill with dirt or gravel?

Answer Answer We have a 52"deep 24'round above ground pool that is sunk about 1'deep. The installer, a man with 30+ years experience with these pools, said to always use sand, or at least clean dirt. Th... Read More »

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How many gallons of water are in a 26 feet round by 4 feet deep above ground pool?

Answer 7.5 gallons of water occupies approx. 1 cubic foot of space.Assuming "26 feet round" means the diameter,r = 2d = 13fth = 4ftA = (pi)r^2 = (pi)*169 approx= 530.93 square ft.V = Ah = 530.93 * ... Read More »

How many feet off the ground is the basketball backboard?

According to standard basketball court dimensions, the basketball backboard is approximately 9 feet, 3 inches off the ground. The distance from ground to the rim is 10 feet and the bottom of the ba... Read More »

How can my feet smell if they dont have a nose?

What happens is that some people get wired backwards while they are still being formed as a baby. You can tell if you are wired backwards if it is indeed your feet that smell while it is your nose... Read More »

Who sings"Standing on Shaky Ground"?

"Standing on Shaky Ground" is a song dealing with heartbreak. It includes the line "'Cause I'm about to drown in my own tears." It was performed by Delbert McClinton, a country and blues artist fro... Read More »