Does making love feel different as you get older?

Answer I was pleased to read that you said making love and not having sex , as there is a difference. As you get older sex does get better as you feel more comfortable with the opposite sex. Most married ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Making a Guy Feel Awkward?

If you like a guy who's a bit awkward towards you, here's how to act to make the situation go as smoothly as possible. If you don't like this, find a cooler guy who is cool with himself and not fee... Read More »

How to Get Away from a Friend Without Making Them Feel Upset?

Do you ever feel the need to get away from someone without making that person feel bad or having you feel guilty? Need time off to relax? Here are some suggested "ways out".

Hair dye is making my eyes feel weird?

It's possible your eyes are sensitive to the developer in the hair color. I would shampoo again until the smell is gone and make sure the water runs completely clear from your hair. Some eye drops ... Read More »

My parents are keep making me feel guilty that they are going to have to pay for college?

It is because they worry about your future. I noticed from your previous questions that you want to attend graduate school. Once you graduate with your bachelor's degree, the Pell Grant does not ex... Read More »