How to Look Plastic and Fake?

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How to Adhere Heavy Fake Plastic Wounds to Skin?

Fake wounds are the most crucial part of any relevant costume for Halloween or a film and television. A good fake wound can convey the gravity of an imaginary situation and make the audience sympat... Read More »

How to Build Fake Palm Trees?

Whether you are throwing a backyard luau with artificial flower leis and tiki torches, or putting together a "Survivor"-type game show for a corporate event, fake palm trees are a fitting addition ... Read More »

Fake Trees That Give Privacy?

Fake or artificial trees will consistently provide privacy to an area as the trees will not wilt and the leaves will not fall to the ground. The trees will provide continuous coverage to areas, suc... Read More »

How to Make Small Fake Trees?

Model railroaders and diorama builders often have a need to create trees to add to their landscapes. Hobby stores sell small artificial trees, but the cost can be prohibitive. You can make your own... Read More »