Crazy doctor, or crazy patient?

Answer I would recommend that you get a second opinion from another doctor. Your symptoms sound pretty serious.

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Which do you prefer the train"Light" on Shinkansen or the train "Hormany" on Wuhan-Guangzhou line?

It depends on where I want to go :-)On the other hand: The Wuhan-Guangzhou line uses trainsets derived from the Shinkansen, so actually the ride should not be too different.

Have you ever pulled the alarm chain on a train. In order to get a non-stopping train to stop at your station?

What a stupid idea. All you would achieve would be to delay all the trains behind the one you were on whilst the emergency stop was investigated and the brakes reset, a knock on effect which would ... Read More »

I'm on a train going 60kph & another train is 46kms away, coming toward me at 52kph.What colour are the seats?

Quite evidently they will be brown, as the speed of smell is exactly 56km/h.

As a freight train goes around a curve, is the stability effected by the number of boxcars If a train...?

Get ready to do the rubbing. It makes no difference how long the train is.A train has something called a node point.When you pull on a train the node travels the length of the train and equalizes t... Read More »