How to Sail a Sailboat?

Answer There are innumerable types of sailboats, each of which may require a different set of instructions based on its size, sail layout and other factors. However, a general method for sailing applies t... Read More »

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How to Sail As a Beginner?

New to sailing? Master the basics with these handy sailing tips and instructions for beginners. Both novice and experienced boaters alike can benefit from a quick review of these beginner sailing b... Read More »

How to Reef a Sail?

In high wind situations knowing how to reef a sail, or reduce the surface area exposed to the wind, can be a boat-saving procedure. Reefing, or shortening, a sail can allow you to maintain control ... Read More »

How to Sail Around the World?

Sailing around the world has been done by government-funded explorers in the past. However, in modern times, people of all kinds are doing so, even people in their teens. Knowing the expenses invol... Read More »

How to Sail a Boat?

It cannot be overstated that before you begin, have an experienced sailor show you the standing and running rigging on your boat and their functions.This is beyond the scope of this article, as all... Read More »