Who sings the song Colt 45?

Answer The song "Colt 45" is performed by the rapper Afroman. It's off his double-album "Afroholic...The Even Better Times," which was released by Hungry Hustler Records in 2004. "Afroholic..." was the se... Read More »

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Who invented the Colt 45?

The Colt .45 pistol was invented by and named for inventor Samuel Colt. Colt was important in the history of gun making because he came up with the idea for a revolving cylinder.Source:Netstate: Sa... Read More »

How to Disassemble a Colt 45?

The M1911 automatic pistol, better known to most as the Colt .45 automatic, is one of the world's iconic pistols. Roughly 2.7 million copies of this durable handgun were made, and knock-offs are st... Read More »

Where was the Colt revolver made?

Colt revolvers were first manufactured in Paterson, New Jersey. Sam Colt patented his invention in 1836 at the age of 22. The Colt revolver came in holster, pocket and belt models. Since its foundi... Read More »

How much does a colt 45 pistol cost?

In 2010 the cost of the Colt 45 pistol ranges from $850 to $2,500 for used and new guns. For example, a used 1979 Colt 45 single action was priced at $1,200 and the Colt Gove 45 5-inch Rail SS was ... Read More »