Was Robert E. Lee's mother almost buried alive?

Answer Historical Fact: Robert E. Lee's Mother Buried AliveGen. Robert E. Lee, the military hero, was born 15 months after his mother had been laid to rest in her casket in the family vault on Arlington H... Read More »

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What is the name of the movie where a contractor is buried alive in a desert in Iraq, Pakistan or?


Who sings the theme song for Stolen voices buried lives?

I have diabetes and cancer, how can i help myself strenthen myself & my immune system?

Depends entirely what kind of cancer. Some cancers can be as benign as to be brushed off your skin. Others are more aggressive and invasive.*IF* this is one of those aggressive cancers people may l... Read More »

Help ive cut myself and i feel like cutting myself again how do i stop thinking about it?

try to keep yourself busy and try to stay around people. this can prevent you from doin it as often and also maybe you should talk to someone close like parents or a counselor