My 30 foot deep well has bloody finger scrape marks all down the inside. How to clean?

Answer I don't really know why you would really care who was going to see blood finger scrape marks 30 feet down in a well! Why does it matter how to clean them? What the hell happened down there? Are tho... Read More »

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Right well I'm 14 and I am 5.2 tall and I weigh 93.6 lbs?

You are in the normal, healthy weight range for a girl your age and height.... although you are in the low part of the range: you could stand to gain a few pounds: trust me, it won't make you look ... Read More »

How to Use Anti Aging Diets to Eat Right and Age Well?

While aging is inevitable, many of the degenerative changes that prevail past middle age are not if preventive steps are taken.Recent medical research confirms that good nutrition can prevent, or a... Read More »

Well right now i am 21 and i have cancer.Should i go ahead with treatment or not?

Go ahead with treatment. It's your best option for beating it.

How well would you function if you were strickly right handed and had surgery?

oh that is hard good luck and no it is not fun it would be hard for me