Who sings Little Light of Love?

Answer French songwriter Eric Serra composed "Little Light of Love" for the soundtrack to the movie "The Fifth Element." The song was performed by Serra's band RXRA. The soundtrack was first released on M... Read More »

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What is the Blinded by science trivia for 1/20/11?

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Has anyone ever gotten blinded by a camera flash?

You are lucky you were using the little pop-up flash on your camera. Its actually possible to cause permanent eye damage by pointing a flash directly at the eye.If you will read the section in the ... Read More »

What is the Blinded by science trivia for 1/14/11?

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Can a baby been blinded by a camera flash?

Blind him? no! Hurt him? maybe for a short time.(seconds)... Best way to take these type pictures is to bounce the flash off the ceiling or use an add-on reflector which bounces the light toward th... Read More »