How to Use a Barracuda G4?

Answer Automatic pool cleaners are a great addition to your pool's filtration system. They allow you to hook the vacuum and cleaner system up and leave it to clean your pool beautifully. A popular choice ... Read More »

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What does the great barracuda eat?

The great barracuda is a predatory fish that lives in tropical and subtropical seas worldwide. It's diet consists of a variety of fish (including groupers, snappers, grunts and breams), depending o... Read More »

What does a great barracuda eat?

The great barracuda feeds on other types of fish, including small tuna, anchovies, herrings, jacks, groupers, snappers and killifishes. The average great barracuda can move as fast as 36 mph throug... Read More »

Who sang"Barracuda"?

Ann Wilson sang lead vocals for American rock band Heart on the original version of "Barracuda." The song, which peaked at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977, is considered by many to be Heart's ... Read More »

How many eggs does a great barracuda lay?

According to the Miami Science Museum, the number of eggs that a great barracuda lays depends on her age. Young female barracudas "only" lay 5000 eggs at a time. By contrast, a mature barracuda can... Read More »