Vacation....All I ever wanted......?

Answer congrads, riki and nancy this poem I found is just for you guys and great pictures, it's always nice to see things turn out this way. My Jonathan Seagullby WispMy dear friend....You came into my li... Read More »

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Have you ever wanted to buy a fake wig?

ONLY if it's made of real goat match my arms..

Do u ever wanted to throw your computer out the window?

It may be your fan sometimes if they fail PC over heats and so PC shuts down

Have you ever wanted to lick a flopy disk?

Have you ever just woken up and not wanted to exercise?

Oh, yea!!! I got perfect rules to get myself to the gym, like it or not. First of all, I imagine that there are those people at the gym who think I'm not serious about working out. Well, I'm goi... Read More »