Who sings"nothing going to break my stride"?

Answer The artist who sings the song "Break My Stride" is Matthew Wilder. The song contains lyrics that include "Ain't nothing gonna break my stride." The song reached number five on the singles charts in... Read More »

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Why are the remotes for Sky Box not changing channels when the remote light comes on when buttons are pushed but nothing else happens?

Reason Remote Does Not Work Sounds like the microprocessor has locked up. Try unplugging the receiver for about five minutes and then plugging it in again. After the reboot process, it may work.

Is there a countryside code leave nothing but footprints take nothing but photographs who said this?

SLOGAN FOR CONSERVATION OF HILLS AND FORESTSYes, I had seen a hoarding having this slogan/code at Nilgiris Range of hills saying that:"LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS TAKE NOTHING BUT MEMORIES"I was ... Read More »

How to Do Nothing When You Are Working?

This is an instruction page on how to do nothing productive all day at work and fool people into thinking you're a hard-working employee.

How to Be Interesting when You Have Nothing to Do All Day?

A lot of people don't do a lot, and as a result, you really don't have much to talk about. That can really hurt sometimes.