Who ruled the longest in world history?

Answer Pepi II reportedly ruled Egypt for 94 years. However, there is some dispute over the years he was in power. They usually are listed as from 2278 to 2184 B.C., although they may have been from 2246 ... Read More »

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How old was King Tut when he ruled Egypt?

King Tutankhamen (Tut), began ruling Egypt in 1333 BC at the age of 10. He ruled for nine years. According to the New York Times, King Tut most likely died of malaria.Source:"The New York Times"; M... Read More »

Who ruled England when shakespeare was writing his plays?

Who ruled France when the metric system was established?

The metric system was established in France during the rule of Louis XVI in 1790. Investigations were ordered by Louis XVI into a new weights and measures system, resulting in the introduction of t... Read More »